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The Dj played a song he liked and he decided to break it down ♥ I love to watch you dance @rebirth314 ! #BBKings


" … I still feel I had every right to be upset, but I love you. Literally, no matter what."

We got in an insane fight that night. Like every couple goes through every once in a while. I STILL feel I had every right to be upset… however it doesn’t change the way I feel about him. I could’ve been the entitled/ independant woman ” who doesn’t need no man” or continue to be the wise & beautiful woman he fell in love with.

If that simple statement I said was said by most women? It would save marriages. It could save the world. If woman STOPPED being so entitled to their emotions and understood that men are vulnerable too - most relationships would actually have a fighting chance. After all, we are the neck that turns the head ;) Be wise, be beautiful, be humble.



If I could rule the world at night / I would make sure you would never leave my side. #Songwriting ♥